How are you being touched?

Welcome to the season of Thanksgiving. This is the time of year when we take time to recognize, appreciate and present gratitude for everything in our lives. A time when family and friends join together over home cooked meals and celebrate unity and love. Additionally, we honor the Native Americans that inhibited America, and recognize their connection to family, love, community, and nature. History is more then a lesson from the past, it is a celebration, remembrance, and honoring of the ancestors that walked these grounds, fought the fight and has left their legacy to guide us.


History and tradition inspires our values and beliefs today. Time seems to be passing fast and change is happening daily. Do you remember when telephones were for adults only? There, where no cell phones, computers, or Internet? We actually had to make physical contact. I can remember living on the third floor in Brooklyn, NY and my friends would stand down stairs at the window and scream, “Hope, can you come out and play”? Wow, it seems like only yesterday, but times has surely changed. Today we are living in the world of fast paced technology. Everyone has a cell phone or a computer. We are able to contact with people all over the world in a split second. To underdeveloped cultures, technology appears to be an advancement, however, it is proving more of a disadvantage socially. Americans have become severely disconnected on a personal level.


The natural human act of touch has disappeared. Culturally, Americans aren’t connecting physically or emotionally. Today, physical touch has stigmas attached that have created a paranoia and fear about abuse and the misuse of authority. People are simply “afraid”, to give a hug, touch a hand or even give an encouraging pat on the back. What happened to intimacy? Is its absence a reason for all the violence in society? Have people become numb like robots; just walking around connecting electronically and disconnecting from what makes us human?


Touch is required for our species to thrive. Thriving is the natural flow of life, the order of Mother Nature and a human right. In our smallest form we are molecular energy. In physics, energy is defined as a property of objects, which can be transferred to other objects or converted into different forms, but cannot be created or destroyed. Our energy fields expand in the presence of others, so when we think loving thoughts, we radiate that energy and attract more. The Earths electromagnetic field and the frequency of humans both resonate at 7.8 HZ. People were meant to live in harmony with Earth and its daily seasonal cycles. Our high paced, electronic, technological world has moved us far from our natural balance. We must begin to send love and touch the world around us.


Time waits for no one. Our species is becoming distant from each other and nature. Take time out during this Thanksgiving season to review your thoughts and beliefs on touch and intimacy, not just with friends and family, but, strangers and neighbors alike. What kind of energy are you transferring? What do people remember about you? How are you touching people around you? Don’t wait for something traumatic to happen. Start today, take notice of your behavior and let’s work together to thrive and grow as a species.

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